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LAP (Litter Acid Pro) is a unique blend that binds ammonia, decreases the viability of pathogens and reduces insect populations while leaving the barn smelling fresh.

LAP can be used in any litter-based commercial poultry operation including those that grow broilers, breeders, turkeys, commercial pullets and layers, quail, pheasants and ducks.

LAP can be applied using any type of mechanical spreader and can be safely applied with birds in the house.

When LAP is applied it breaks down into sodium, hydrogen and sulfate.

NaHSO–4 >  Na+  +  H+  +  SO–4

The hydrogen lowers pH and converts ammonia into ammonium. This ammonium then binds to the sulfate portion keeping ammonia bound in the litter for the life of the flock. LAP is a safe mineral acid that breaks down into products naturally found in the environment.

Recommended Application Rate: 40-50 kg per 100m2