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Our goal at AHPD is to provide solutions with products specifically selected by experienced veterinarians and backed by laboratory testing. Working side-by side with farmers, helping to ensure their success in a sustainable way. AHPD creates relationships based on integrity and commitment to provide valuable solutions to the farming industry.

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  • The Quick-Mix pump is designed to accurately dose disinfectants through your water lines. The unique injection system makes it easy to dose disinfectants at 2 or 3% without having to worry about harsh chemicals wrecking diaphragms. To change the dilution ratio simply change the metering tip to the desired strength. Comes with tips for Proxy-Clean, Hyperox, Virocid and many other disinfectants. The quick-Mix is a wall mounted, push button dispenser.
    • Ideal for cleaning waterlines between flocks
    • Garden hose connection
    • Twist Lock
    • Compatible with most common chemicals
    • No power needed
    • No Diaphragms
    • Affordable, low maintenance unit
    • Flow Rate - requires at least (3.5GPM)
    • Compatible with chlorine, Hydrogen peroxide & more.
  • A flavouring agent for drinking water for swine, broilers, layers, turkeys and calves. Ingredients: Water, guar gum, origanum oil, xanthan gum. Directions for use: Mix Regano CL5 at the following rates per liter of stock solution.  Note: One liter of stock solution needs to be metered with 128 liters of water.
    Boars 20mL
    Sows 35mL
    Finishers 35mL
    Growers 50mL
    Starters 70mL
    Piglets 128mL
    Broilers 50mL
    Layers 25mL
    Turkeys 45mL
    Calves: (Up to 60kg body weight) 0.25 - 0.30 mL
  • These polypropylene coveralls allow for breathability while maintaining protection against non-hazardous and non- toxic liquids, dust and particles. Elastic wrists, ankles and hood.
  • These disposable hairnets are made from a soft, light, breathable spunbound polypropylene material.  These hairnets have elastic around the headband to help ensure a secure fit.
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