Quick-Mix Pump


The Quick-Mix pump is designed to accurately dose disinfectants through your water lines. The unique injection system makes it easy to dose disinfectants at 2 or 3% without having to worry about harsh chemicals wrecking diaphragms. To change the dilution ratio simply change the metering tip to the desired strength. Comes with tips for Proxy-Clean, Hyperox, Virocid and many other disinfectants.

The quick-Mix is a wall mounted, push button dispenser.

  • Ideal for cleaning waterlines between flocks
  • Garden hose connection
  • Twist Lock
  • Compatible with most common chemicals
  • No power needed
  • No Diaphragms
  • Affordable, low maintenance unit
  • Flow Rate – requires at least (3.5GPM)
  • Compatible with chlorine, Hydrogen peroxide & more.

Quick Mix Pump


*Pricing is Subject to Change*



The quick-Mix is an easy to install wall mounted, push button dispenser used for disinfectants.

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