Klo Pro is a unique chlorine dioxide solution in which both components are in liquid form, other chlorine dioxide products are often offered in powdered or tablet form only. These tablets or powders can be diffcult to dissolve and often depend on several factors including water temperature and water quality to ensure an even mixture with no sediment or precipitate. Klo Pro is already in liquid form and provides a uniform mixture for every application without having to worry about the formation of a precipitate. Klo Pro is easily activated by simply pouring the activator bottle into the Klo Pro pail. Unlike other ClO2 products there is no need to mix the products in a third container.

Unlike chlorine, chlorine-dioxide remains active over a broad range of pH. When using conventional
chlorine the pH of the water must be neutral or slightly acidic (pH<7). Producers who choose to use
conventional chlorine are often burdened with the additional cost of adding an acidifier. Chlorine dioxide is up to 10 times more soluble in water when compared to conventional chlorine and requires
approx. Only 10% of the concentration of conventional chlorine to produce the same disinfecting

Suggested dose rate is 0.5 – 1ppm ClO2 for routine livestock drinking water sanitation.

Mixing Directions

MSDS Activated Solution

MSDS Activator

MSDS Klo Pro